These are some of the more exciting moments I've caught on camera.

A few people asked if they can donate some money for the time and equipment costs involved in making these videos so I set up a link for donations, thank you guys.

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Check out my latest edit! This film is about Henry Chapman, one of the top mountain bike riders in the state of Colorado. He is a sophomore at Ralston Valley High School this year and rode for their team in the 2012 season. This video gives the inside scoop of how Henry grew an interest in mountain biking and where he has gone and plans to go with the sport. This video features Henry as well as his Dad and Brother, Joel Chapman and Jeff Chapman. Music - Little Lion Man (Instrumentals) by Mumford and Sons. Edited and Filmed by Lorenzo Politano and Alexander Makic.


On my first decent down Los Gatos Rd. (24% grade) (Temecula, Ca.), my plan was to hit 60+ mph. After realizing my excessive speed while approaching a turn that led to the 24% grade drop off, I hit the brakes too hard and caused speed wobbles in my handlebars. I couldn't get them under control so I decided it would be better to crash in the dirt than to crash on the asphalt on a steeper portion of the decent. I slowed down as much as I could and took a dive on the shoulder ON MY shoulder. I broke my collarbone into 4 pieces, smashed my helmet (which saved my life), and am thankful to be alive. Top speed was 50 mph. Crash speed is estimated around 40 mph.


I was out filming today and decided to hit the big roads.
It took a good 15 miles to ride out to this one so my legs were not in top condition. It was my fastest yet at 85.5km/h and I started to slow straight away as soon as I stopped pedalling, the wind was buffeting me around a bit.
The gradient was about 4-5%, wish it was steeper.

It was actually quite hard to ride flat out all the way so I waited before going for it.
Lol, I apologise for nostril cam half-way down, I was try to get as tucked as I could.

It actually looks slow compared to my other videos because the road is so wide there are no reference points to show the speed.

With a slipstream I could hit 100km/h on that road but I'm still planning to do the magic 100km/h without any assistance. That's the day I retire from this sport and move on to the next one.

P.S. The police do appear during the descent and a car passed me when I jumped the barrier at the bottom of the hill. As far as I can tell on my research it is 100% legal to ride on this road.

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From quick release skewers to carbon fibre, cycling technology is constantly evolving. Here's GCN's Top 10 cycling innovations.

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An individual gold medal, a team silver medal and a bronze, after falling and getting back up during the race. Bradley Wiggins went through it all during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

With his Athens 2004 results, Wiggins became the first British athlete in 40 years to win three medals in a single edition of the Olympic Games.


Justin and Zach battle it out for the inaugural State Championship in the Utah High School Mountain biking league.


Follow Prior Lake Sophomore rider place 4th at The Jail Trail in St Cloud in the Minnesota High School Series