Cycling Descent - Highway / Dual Carriagway at 53mph - 85.5km/h

from CaitlinC
4 years ago
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I was out filming today and decided to hit the big roads.
It took a good 15 miles to ride out to this one so my legs were not in top condition. It was my fastest yet at 85.5km/h and I started to slow straight away as soon as I stopped pedalling, the wind was buffeting me around a bit.
The gradient was about 4-5%, wish it was steeper.

It was actually quite hard to ride flat out all the way so I waited before going for it.
Lol, I apologise for nostril cam half-way down, I was try to get as tucked as I could.

It actually looks slow compared to my other videos because the road is so wide there are no reference points to show the speed.

With a slipstream I could hit 100km/h on that road but I'm still planning to do the magic 100km/h without any assistance. That's the day I retire from this sport and move on to the next one.

P.S. The police do appear during the descent and a car passed me when I jumped the barrier at the bottom of the hill. As far as I can tell on my research it is 100% legal to ride on this road.

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