An Elite HS Volleyball Player's Journey To Return From ACL Injury, A Youtube Diary

2 years ago
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10/20/2013: Kelly Fan's HS Varsity Selected Rallies:
1/10/2013: 3rd entry, Ten months after surgery, is posted:
10/6/2012: 2nd entry, 7 months after surgery, is posted:

1st Entry - Feb 8, 2012: "How I was injured and my questions about surgery". (this video) She has been doing pre-surgery therapy to prevent muscle atrophy since her injury. She can not play, but walks fine. She still practices with a private coach to work on her swing control.

She will have surgery soon to reconstruct her ACL. She is still a HS freshman, playing up in the 16s. She has her goal set to play in div-1 college VB. We hope she can reach her goal. And we agree that her experience will not be unique and can be helpful to others in the future.

Most important decision at this time? Patellar graft vs hamstring graft. Both choices have a complicated set of pros and cons. ACL reconstruction is said to have a higher short-term failure rate for women. Some says the hamstring replacement ACL also tends to get loose quickly for women. A good player can not have a loose knee, which would hamper her agility, I would think. But patellar graft is said to have a high risk of long term knee pain, not to mention that the knee surgery is itself much more painful (so much so that a lot of doc prefer hamstring graft). Also, what is the effect of having a piece of kneecap cut out (patellar graft) on agility, such as jumping? Hitting and blocking is essential to a hitter.

The fact is if a girl wants to play VB in a Div-I college, sophomore and Junior years of high school are the most important. She can not afford to allow her knee to fail/slow her down, since her goal is Div-I college VB.

Which graft is better for elite girl volleyball players in the long run?

Your experience is welcome. We will post her progress here.


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