High School Football Behind The Back Overhead Game Winning Touchdown

from Michelle
3 years ago
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Game winning touchdown, overhead backwards.... One of the greatest High school football hits/plays of 2012.

This is THE Bouquet Pass. The final 1:11 seconds of the Oakmont Vikings spectacular comeback. With the Fighting Zebras leading 43-36, Oakmont drove 78 yards in the final 1:11 seconds and scoring the final TD with no time on the clock. Coach Moore made a gutsy call to not tie the game but to win it all. What looked like an extra point formation, holder and QB Taylor Laird did his best "statue of liberty" impression and flipped the ball backwards sending the Oakmont sideline into a frenzy and the Fighting Zebras stunned and looking for answers. This will go down as one of the greatest comeback in high school football history, and not to tie but to win it.

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